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  • Covid-19 has played a considerable role in the change of workplaces, and we are taking part in developing contactless technology upgrades to improve your employee health and wellbeing.

    Workplaces Go Contactless

    Is your workplace ready for the contactless revolution?

    As we roll into a new year, we realise that just because the clocks ticked past 2020 does not mean that Covid-19 is going anywhere. Covid-19 has played a considerable role in the change of workplaces and workspaces, and these changes may be here for good.

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  • Bundy Plus Time Clock Timesheets Australian Made App

    Australian Consumers Support Australian Products

    We are BundyPlus, an Australian-owned and operated company based in Melbourne specialising in employee time and attendance solutions since 2004. Displaying the Austrian Made logo, we have grown to become a leader in the design and manufacturing of time clock terminals, cloud,...

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  • Thinking About What is Best for Your Business

    Thinking About What is Best for Your Business

    At BundyPlus, we know making decisions that are best for your business can take a lot of time and thought. A time and attendance system is an important part of an employee's workday and having a perfectly running system is vital. We...

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  • Planning for the New Decade

    Planning for the New Decade

    The new year (and new decade!) are right around the corner! Therefore, getting organised for 2020 is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. We know how important it is to have a good start to the decade and have systems in...

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  • Choosing Products for Different Size Businesses

    Choosing Products for Different Size Businesses

    Finding a time and attendance solution for your business can be tricky, especially when choosing which exact product to buy to suit the size of your business. At BundyPlus we recognise the needs of all sorts of businesses, whether you’re small, large, work out...

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  • Happy Holidays from BundyPlus

    Happy Holidays from BundyPlus

    Christmas is just around the corner and as everyone either wraps up business for the year and take a break, or work through the busy holiday season, we at BundyPlus wish you a happy and safe holiday period. 
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  • BundyPlus | Employee Time and Attendance Solutions

    Modifying timesheets, is it legal?

    Many Australian businesses owners could be at risk of court action if they unknowingly or knowingly edit employee timesheets!  Workplace awards, regulations and employee rights are complicated. As the business owner, you must ensure you are paying staff appropriately and...

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