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    Modifying timesheets, is it legal?

    Many Australian businesses owners could be at risk of court action if they unknowingly or knowingly edit employee timesheets!  Workplace awards, regulations and employee rights are complicated. As the business owner, you must ensure you are paying staff appropriately and...

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  • job costing

    Job Costing

    When companies support different avenues of business, or work on multiple projects simultaneously, being able to track and manage job costing accurately is of high importance. An employer’s ability to accurately predict job costing directly affects future budget planning, how...

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  • mobile workforce

    Tracking Time & Attendance in Mobile Work Environments

    The Growth of the Mobile Workforce While technology has helped facilitate the mobile workforce and increased business efficiency, it has also increased the need for companies to be more precise and effectively competitive amongst each other. Empowering employees with more...

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  • biometrics

    Tracking Time & Attendance with Biometrics

    Timeclocks are as old as the Industrial Revolution, and their purpose is essentially the same as it was then: to track the employee time and attendance so businesses can pay accordingly. However, some elements of time and attendance tracking have...

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  • Importance of Time and Attendance

    Importance of Time and Attendance

    Time and attendance data is imperative for any business. Time and Attendance software solutions significantly increase the level of accessibility for timekeeping data. Traditional timekeeping systems were driven by Human Resources, were less cost effective, less accurate and more time...

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  • Face Recognition

    Face Recognition

    Face recognition technology is gathering huge interest in public, private and business applications. BundyPlus is expanding its product range to include a new entry level face recognition time clock for time and attendance solutions.Key Features Low cost Reliable face recognition   Sanitary hands...

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  • Biometric Time Clock in Australia

    Biometric Time Clock in Australia

    The BundyPlus biometric employee time clock ensures that your employees clock themselves off and on. Productivity and human error is reduced, and errors and buddy punching are a thing of the past! All breaks are recorded. The Bundy biometric fingerprint...

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