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Face Recognition

Face Recognition
Face recognition technology is gathering huge interest in public, private and business applications. BundyPlus is expanding its product range to include a new entry level face recognition time clock for time and attendance solutions.

Key Features
  • Low cost
  • Reliable face recognition  
  • Sanitary hands free operation
  • Build in WiFi
  • Compatible with 125kHz RFID cards & FOBs
  • Seamless integration to existing BundyPlus ClockComms network utility

Biometric Time Clock in Australia

Biometric Time Clock in Australia

The BundyPlus biometric employee time clock ensures that your employees clock themselves off and on. Productivity and human error is reduced, and errors and buddy punching are a thing of the past! All breaks are recorded. The Bundy biometric fingerprint time clock offers the latest in technology to track employees time and attendance -  inefficiencies are eliminated. The system is very easy to use and learn for both managers and employees alike. This is the best solution for HR departments to monitor the actual working hours of employees.

With the BundyPlus biometric time clock information is given by a fingerprint system, making the time clock is safe from hacking. Increased security of your staff information is assured. You can be confident that staff working hours are tracked accurately.

These employee time clocks will improve staff morale as all employee time is noted. Staff can be rewarded accordingly. Due to accurate tracking, productivity is raised - meaning a better bottom line for your organisation.

The Bundy Clocks Australia Biometric time clock is great for those firms who work with flexi-time arrangements or for those organisations who have staff that start and finish at different times. BundyPlus time clocks for employees will also suit small, mid-sized and large businesses … our time attendance clocks are ideal for anyone who needs to monitor employee’s hours, breaks and / or overtime.

Robust Employee Time Clocks

Robust Employee Time Clocks

BundyPlus employee time clocks are simple to use and have a wide range of features. Whatever your business type we will have one to suit you!

  • Our Magnetic Stripe Card (G6-MAG) is an easy swipe and go solution.
  • The Proximity card (G6-PROX) employee time clock is a sturdy option which makes it ideal for workplaces where the time clock may incur wear and tear, or dirty work environments such as construction, landscaping or production.
  • The biometric fingerprint time and attendance clock is high tech, high security and eliminates “buddy badging”.

Our time clocks are quality Australian made products meeting TCP/IP industry standards. They can capture job costing, have access control and come in a choice of colours.

Our Job Costing feature collates all time clock records and allows for real time tracking of staff workplace activities across all levels. There is the ability to produce quality detailed staff reports. Costing information can be captured and our time clocks can automatically control your staff’s shift breaks.

Our BundyPlus employee time clocks are super easy to install -  no electrician is required! Whether you want an entry level time and attendance clock, a no fuss swipe and go time recording system or a high security time clock we will have a product to suit your business.