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Australia's leading cloud, mobile and on-premise workforce tracking.
Thousands of businesses trust BundyPlus to accurately record employee timesheets, save time and money.

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BundyPlus Time and Attendance

Worried your staff hours are less than accurate, not on-site and business is suffering as a result?


BundyPlus™ Live is a browser-based cloud application ideal for businesses where low cost of ownership, access anywhere, anytime, is vital. Low-cost monthly subscription plans starting from $21/month ex GST.

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BundyPlus™ Studio and BundyPlus TimePlus™ are Windows-based on-premise applications ideal for businesses where no ongoing costs constitute a significant consideration.

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BundyPlus™ Now is a mobile app (iOS and Android) ideal for businesses requiring real-time accurate timestamps, GPS tagged, or geofencing is essential. Flexible pricing from $1.27/month/employee ex GST

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BundyPlus™ has been manufacturing and souring world-leading employee time clock terminals for over 17 years. Face recognition, and a mask detection are now a very affordable solution.

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Every business is unique and has specific challenges they're trying to resolve. All-one-one solutions may look attractive, but when you dive deep, the holes start to appear. That's why at BundyPlus, we believe our cloud, desktop, mobile and terminal platforms meet the biggest challenges head-on.

BundyPlus™ Live Cloud SaaS gives business owners real-time insight to their workforce time and attendance.

BundyPlus Live


  • Multistage timesheet approval
  • Enterprise-grade data centre (AWS Sydney AU)
  • Supervisor, manager, and payroll business roles
  • Live GPS tracking* so you can view where staff are working at any time.
  • Integrates with popular payroll applications

BundyPlus™ Studio & TimePlus™ have been classic Australian workforce applications for over 19 years.

BundyPlus Studio & BundyPlus TimePlus

Desktop On-prem

  • Windows-based on-premise applications
  • No ongoing costs, low cost of ownership
  • Workrules for calculating payable hours
  • Integration with 30+ payroll formats
  • Compatible with BundyPlus Now mobile app & employee terminals  

BundyPlus™ Now mobile app records accurate employee timestamps, GPS location and real-time timesheet reporting.

BundyPlus Now | Award winning Mobile App

BundyPlus Now

Mobile App

  • Accurate timesheets reduces mistakes
  • Live GPS tracking* so you can view where staff are working at any time.
  • Simple user interface and staff onboarding
  • Offline mode for sites without internet access
  • Reports for viewing who's in today, clockings, timesheet summaries and employee approval ensures record-keeping compliance.
  • *GPS data is stored on saving clockings. No tracking whilst not using the app.

New state-of-the-art face recognition technology featuring the contactless recording of employee times, mask detection and IP65 waterproof rating.

BundyPlus Uface & G8-Series

Employee Terminals

  • Instantly identify employees for quick and efficient time clocking in under 2 seconds.
  • Easily export to payroll for more efficient administration processes that save time and money.
  • Easy to install and simple to use by employees and administration staff.
  • Local technical support when you need it, we are based in Melbourne Victoria.


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