BundyPlus | Do I need to wear a mask in the office?

Do I have to wear a mask in the office?

Many people have asked whether they have to wear masks in the office when interacting with coworkers. Some people think wearing a mask is an excellent idea to prevent spreading germs or catching an illness, but others are unsure of its effectiveness and worry about looking strange to their coworkers. To encourage healthy practices at work, employees and business owners alike need to know what's best for them to make informed decisions about necessary precautions.

What are the benefits of wearing a mask in the office?

  • Wearing a mask can help protect you from airborne viruses
  • Masks can reduce your risk of getting sick and passing it on to others
  • Wearing a mask will make you feel more confident when interacting with clients, coworkers, and customers
  • Correctly fitted face mask can be worn for hours without any discomfort or side effects
  • Face masks are available at low prices in most stores, so they're easy to purchase and replace as needed
  • Simple face masks are designed to fit over the mouth and nose only, not the eyes, so they won't interfere with your vision while doing work

When should you wear a mask in the office?

  • When you have a cold or the flu
  • If you are sick and contagious but not yet showing symptoms
  • If someone in your office is sick with a contagious illness
  • If there was an outbreak of influenza at work
  • When there is no air conditioning - this will help keep your lungs from drying out too much and make it easier to breathe when breathing can be difficult due to allergies or asthma
  • To avoid spreading germs to others in the office who might become ill if exposed to them

Where can I buy masks for my workplace?

How to get used to wearing a mask at work - what are some things you can do so it's not as uncomfortable?

Initially, the majority of people will find it difficult to adjust to wearing a mask at work. However, over time it will become second nature.

  • Start by putting your mask on in front of the mirror
  • Turn around, looking over your shoulder, and checking out your reflection.
  • Is the mask doing what it needs to do?
  • Check the mask is in the correct orientation


It's important to remember that wearing a mask while working may not be the most comfortable thing in the world. However, it can provide many benefits and make your workday easier for you. Unfortunately, many workplaces may be forced to change and enforce staff to wear masks.

In the past, there were no solutions for mask detection; this is no longer the case. The BundyPlus Uface series of terminals use advanced facial detection algorithms to scan faces as they pass through a checkpoint or turnstile. Users can be reminded to wear a mask or notify if an abnormal temperature has been detected. In addition, administration personal can be notified immediately and question the users if necessary.


If you're thinking about making the switch or have already made up your mind, here are some tips for getting used to wearing an N95 face mask at work so it doesn't feel too uncomfortable when you first start - try these strategies if you want! You'll also find information on what people with allergies should know before they wear their masks all day long as well. We hope this post has given you some clarity into how and why someone might need to wear a facemask at work.

Note: You must keep up to date with the recommendations and directions that apply nationally and in your state or territory and ensure that these are followed at your workplace.
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