How does face mask detection work?

How does face mask detection work?

What is face mask detection?

Face mask detection is a leading-edge AI (artificial intelligence) technology that can recognise if a person is wearing or, more importantly, not wearing a mask.

How does the technology work?

Computer software linked to video cameras rapidly capture images and analyse them through complex. Objects like human eyes are one of the most effortless features to decern. Once they have been located, a subsequent attempt to detect eyebrows, the mouth, nose, nostrils and the iris is performed. Finally, with enough facial data collected, the algorithm determines if a person is wearing a mask.

 BundyPlus | Workforce face and mask detection

Facial recognition applications use the same method. Once enough facial data is collected, the algorithm searches and compares them against a database of pre-registered faces and determines if there is a match.

What's the future of face mask detection?

Overwhelmingly the use of masks by the public to reduce COVID-19 transmission has saved lives. As a result, many people now have to wear masks in the office when interacting with coworkers. Still, others are unsure of its effectiveness and worry about looking strange to their coworkers. Local regulations will most likely dictate what level of compliance business owners need to follow. Thankfully mask detection technology has advanced enormously in recent years, and the cost has reduced remarkably.

What are it's workplace applications?

We know that your business is important to you, and we want to help make it better. BundyPlus Uface Series terminals detect the wearing of masks, identify your staff and simplify your payroll processing time. Not limited to facial recognition, Uface Series also allows contactless cards and QR code recognition. 

BundyPlus | Workplace time capture methods

BundyPlus is a leading provider of real-time workforce time and attendance capture solutions for businesses. Founded in 2004, BundyPlus offers a complete suite of time capture solutions, including a mobile app, terminals, and cutting edge facial recognition technology, making it possible for business owners to make informed decisions based on their employees working hours. In addition, BundyPlus products are designed with simplicity in mind so customers can spend less time managing their workforce data and more time doing what they do best - running their business. 

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