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How to maintain consistency at work during ongoing uncertainty

2022 is upon us, and while we hoped it would bring a welcome reprieve from issues relating to Covid-19, it seems that the new year has brought a new set of problems to navigate.

'Close-contacted', 'RATs', 'testing' and 'quarantining' - words all used in our daily vocabularies. For businesses, in many cases, this has meant less staff, reduced operating hours and forced closures.

With businesses feeling trepidatious about how they'll navigate ongoing uncertainty, we've put together a list of five key things your business can do today to help safeguard it for tomorrow.

1) Prioritise your time and energy on the tasks that will yield the greatest results

When concerned about the impact Covid may have on your business and the level to which it may affect your operations, execute the tasks that you know you can, and have to do.

According to the Pareto Principle (i.e. the 80/20 rule), 20 percent of actions drive 80 percent of results (with the other 80 percent of actions accounting for only 20 percent of results).

So when you can do it all, focus on the tasks that are most important and within your control. What these are will differ depending on what your business or service is, but if you have something to sell, and people to sell it, focus on that.

2) Don't feel like you have to manage it all alone

Communicate when you may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and learn to delegate when you need to. Taking on too many things at once can lower the quality of the tasks you're doing so it's better to execute a few key things well.

Learning to delegate will also free you up to focus on the higher-level tasks that are required when operating in a constantly changing work environment - like dealing with issues and forward planning.

3) Communicate with confidence

Those working in a position of authority are responsible for projecting confidence and strength. Be transparent about the issues you may be facing, but come from a place of "this is how we'll get through it" not "this is how we hope we'll get through it".

For further insight into how to deal with the unknown, the Harvard Business Review states "Clear communication, being on time, delivering on promises, and fulfilling contractual obligations are good ways to create a climate of trust when things are unfamiliar".

4) Have adequate workforce management systems in place

At BundyPlus we offer integrations to a range of platforms that allow you to stay on top of your work, bills, customers and staff (whether you're working remotely or on-premise).

Worried about how you'll manage your inventory with changes in operating hours?

Combining BundyPlus awarding-winning time capture and XERO integration allows you to track what you have on hand, receive alerts when you need to restock and see what you need to buy and sell.

Team working from home due to Covid?

BundyPlus allows you to assign particular team members to tasks. Simply click 'Jobs' 'Contacts', assign employees, then 'Save'.

Knowing what you have going on (the work that'll have to be done irrespective of changes or restrictions that may be implemented) will help you maintain consistency and productivity.

With a range of other integrations built into BundyPlus, you can feel confident knowing that the tools and support you need will always be close at hand.

5) Know that one certainty is that there will always be uncertainty

We like to think of this as a realistic, not a pessimistic outlook, and one that can save a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

While the specific 'uncertainties' that Covid-19 poses are new, working during times of uncertainty isn't.

According to Paul Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communication at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, the experience of working through uncertainty is not necessarily unique. Take crises including 911 and the GFC as an example, and the changes they brought.

There will always be things that come up that are outside of our control - but it's how we deal with them that will determine the outcome we have.

Ultimately, when working in the face of the unknown, it's important to remain diligent, motivated, and open-minded. Prioritise your time and energy, delegate where necessary, communicate confidently and have strong internal systems in place.

By adopting the above tips, let 2022 be the year you show just how adaptive you are in overcoming the challenge that may come your way.

For any workforce management needs you have, contact BundyPlus today.

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