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T&A Solutions that make Employee Timesheets Accurate

BundyPlus provides both software and hardware solutions to help your business capture accuate, auditable employee time and attendance. Simple GPS tagged mobile apps to large multisite networked terminals; our solutions have all the features you need to manage your team effortlessly. Proudly Australian Made | Desktop & Cloud Solutions | Local Support

' I would definitely recommend Bundy timeclocks to other business owners'

I recently purchased a new Bundy Plus timeclock, setting up the timeclock and PC to communicate between one another was quite a daunting process for a first time user, but I have found the service and technical support I have received from Mike to be excellent and very re-assuring. 

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  • BundyPlus | The Australian Financial Review | Bundy clocks are back

    The Australian Financial Review

    Award-winning, The Australian Financial Review, recently published an article featuring BundyPlus and "The Bundy clock makes a comeback". The article highlights how Employers pocketed $81 billion from "time theft" in 2019, with Australians working on average six weeks of unpaid overtime...

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  • BundyPlus | G8-Series Employee Time Clocks | Made in Australia

    BundyPlus G8-Series Time Clock Released

    We're very excited to announce the release of the BundyPlus G8-Series Time Clock. It's our latest generation employee terminal with expanded features and performances to its predecessors. "The G8-Series has been on the development teams drawing board for 2 years now...

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  • BundyPlus | What is Payroll Fraud?

    What is Payroll Fraud?

    Generally, payroll fraud is any gaining of some form of financial advantage by an individual by deceptive means, using an organisation’s payroll systems and associated procedures. The perpetrator of such an event becomes a fraudster regardless of any rationalisation regarding...

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