BundyPlus | XERO Integration and Mask Technology

XERO Integration Brings Mask Detection Technology to Protect Workforce Bottom Line

Today, an estimated half a million workers in Australia alone wear masks for protection. The use of masks to protect against airborne pathogens and hazardous materials is not uncommon within many healthcare, food service, manufacturing, or laboratory operations. BundyPlus offers XERO integration with market-leading face recognition terminals that can help businesses identify masked people before entering their workplace - protecting your company's bottom line without compromising safety.

Mask detection technology can be a valuable asset to any organisation with employees at high risk or under COVID-19 workplace restrictions. We've seen how this new technology is being used by businesses and hospitals alike. It offers an additional layer of security against contracting the virus while also providing management with peace of mind when ensuring compliance from their workforce.

An additional benefit of face recognition is accurate tracking of workforce hours and automatically sync timesheets with payroll systems. Combining BundyPlus time capture solutions with XERO integration, workers can be more precise about their hours spent onsite while also saving time entering data manually into timesheets.

If you are interested in learning more about the XERO integration or masking detection systems, feel free to reach out to our team at BundyPlus; we would love nothing more than to talk about how these innovative technologies work and what they can do for your business! 




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