• BundyPlus | Wage theft scandals

    Wage theft scandals

    Recent scandals have brought the Bundy clock, a 130-year-old invention to the firing line. Bundy clocks in a modern-day workplace still polarise people's views from 'this is crazy' to 'good practice in all workplaces'. Why is this? Manufacturing BundyPlus time...

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  • BundyPlus | Australian Financial Review

    The Australian Financial Review

    Award-winning, The Australian Financial Review, recently published a front page article featuring BundyPlus and "The Bundy clock makes a comeback". With the recent months of wage theft scandals, staff time and attendance solution enquiries are booming for BundyPlus. As one of...

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  • BundyPlus | What is Payroll Fraud?

    What is Payroll Fraud?

    Generally, payroll fraud is any gaining of some form of financial advantage by an individual by deceptive means, using an organisation’s payroll systems and associated procedures. The perpetrator of such an event becomes a fraudster regardless of any rationalisation regarding...

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  • BundyPlus | Why do people commit payroll fraud?

    Why do people commit payroll fraud?

    The underlying reason why people commit payroll fraud - is because they can! They have the know-how, and they have a need. However, perpetration of a payroll fraud still requires three sets of conditions to exist at any given point...

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  • BundyPlus | Types of Payroll Fraud

    Types of Payroll Fraud

    The types of payroll fraud possible are dependent on the ingenuity of the perpetrator, the scale of the payroll and the complexity and structure of the payroll processing systems. The challenge for fraudsters is how to get money out of...

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