BundyPlus | Face recognition in timekeeping: Boon or bane

Face recognition in timekeeping: Boon or bane?

"What's the best way to organize your business?"

Are you an entrepreneur who's been asked this question by more than one person in the last year? Are you a mom who has been asked this question by every child who comes home from school with a project due? Or are you someone who wants to be organized and productive and want to know the best way to do it?

One such way is to digitize your company's timekeeping systems through facial recognition. Facial recognition has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. It's gotten so good that we can now use it to track our time and attendance at work. That's right; the same technology initially used to identify us by photos of our faces is now being used to time people's work hours!

This is excellent news for those who don't like to be bothered by machines or who want a little more privacy when it comes to their timekeeping. Furthermore, facial recognition technology in time tracking and management include these main benefits: 

  1. Compared to other systems (like fingerprint or iris scanners), facial recognition time clocks are far more reliable in identifying faces, with near 100% accuracy since they base their technology on people's facial features.
  2. Facial recognition time clocks are also compatible with various environmental conditions—moreover, they work across a wide range of facial features and skin tones. So you won't have to worry about whether the time clock will recognize you after a haircut.
  3. Low-cost features ensure drastically reduced overhead costs for you and your business.
  4. Facial recognition technology also promotes employee professionalism and transparency as they are foolproof, reducing the possibility of buddy punching.

 BundyPlus | Face recognition in timekeeping: Boon or bane


Lastly, BundyPlus Facial Recognition time clocks are seamlessly integrated into existing BundyPlus ClockComms network utilities, allowing efficiency in tracking your employees' time to better plan their workday and productivity.

With that in mind, many companies nowadays still need to update their processes to match the pace of the digital age. This might be because of perceived counterarguments against facial recognition time clocks.

Some say that such systems are expensive and that only big companies can shoulder the cost. In reality, biometric time clocks are becoming increasingly widespread and most small to medium enterprises are already able to afford them. We at BundyPlus are also expanding our product line to incorporate an entry-level face recognition time clock for time and attendance solutions. In fact, consider our face recognition time clocks a priceless investment that can help you reduce business costs and time theft.

On the other hand, another valid concern is security. Several people believe that employing biometric time clocks risks personal freedom and privacy since they store employee data. However, it should be worth noting that the information inside the system are not in any way linked to sensitive employee data— instead, the images stored are JPG renders of people’s faces with no name associated to them, just a reference ID for identification, meaning it would actually be easier for hackers to steal information from the public domain such as social media sites.

For any business owner, managing time is critical. A sound time management system will ensure that employees take their time responsibly. With an attendance system that features facial recognition, owners can track the clock in real-time—preventing theft of hours and helping them stay on budget. In addition, face recognition technology is a powerful tool to use. It's efficient, accurate and low-cost compared with other biometric systems. And by using this technology, you can save time and money while boosting your company's efficiency.

BundyPlus has been a leading manufacturer of time tracking solutions that fits your business needs since 2004. Discover why customers trust our products, schedule a FREE demo today!  📞


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