BundyPlus | Wage theft scandals

Wage theft scandals

Recent scandals have brought the Bundy clock, a 130-year-old invention to the firing line. Bundy clocks in a modern-day workplace still polarise people's views from 'this is crazy' to 'good practice in all workplaces'. Why is this?

Manufacturing BundyPlus time clocks for 16 years has taught us there's no right or wrong answer. Employees and employers look at the Bundy clock from different perspectives.

Employees can see it as big brother watching, loss of trust, yet others get comfort from knowing their timesheet is correct to within a 6-minute block. Business owners, on the other hand, seek efficiency gains, time-saving on complex awards, OH&S or the massive issue of time theft.

At the end of the day, people are still using Bundy clocks 130 years later, and BundyPlus is empowering people to take control without boundaries. With business owners now facing more rule changes on the 1st of March 2020, it's nice to know we're making their lives a little easier.

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