• BundyPlus and Xero Integration

    BundyPlus and Xero Integration

    At BundyPlus, we go to great effort to make timesheet processing easy. Currently, we interface with dozens of 3rd party payroll applications, both desktop and cloud-based. Xero is next on our list. Xero is the emerging global leader of online...

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  • Be a 'Single Touch Payroll' Super Hero!

    Be a 'Single Touch Payroll' Super Hero!

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is changing the way employers report employee payroll information with the introduction of Single Touch Payroll. Mandatory from 1 July 2019, you need to ensure they're ready to start the new year fully compliant. Review...

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  • Importance of active help desk support

    Importance of active help desk support

    Renewing your BundyPlus support subscription is truly one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment and ensure that the software you buy and operate delivers value for ongoing use. The BundyPlus support team provides a point of...

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  • BundyPlus Training Session

    BundyPlus Training Session

    Accelerate your BundyPlus T&A knowledge and efficiently with a personal training session. Great if your new to BundyPlus or taking over from a previous experienced colleague.  On the day of your training a local support consultant will run a remote...

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  • BundyPlus SQL Database

    BundyPlus V3.16 SP1

    New Features Dramatically improved application speed using SQL Database (BundyPlus Business Edition) when creating reports, exports and spreadsheet generation. Added clocking list quick keys D(Delete) E(Edit) N(New) B(Back).

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  • BundyPlus V3.15 SP1

    BundyPlus V3.15 SP1

    BundyPlus V3.15 SP1 service pack is now available for download minor bug fixes. Bug Fixes Fixed HR3 (Detailed) export Fixed Employee cloning of work rules How do I to update?

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