BundyPlus | Why a powerful contactless attendance system is important for your company

Why a powerful contactless attendance system is important for your company

Two years into the pandemic has drastically changed how businesses conduct their day-to-day operations.🤝 With the "new normal" in place, companies worldwide have started to adapt modern ways to ensure their processes stay secure without compromising employee wellness.🤗 Of course, one of the ways a business can achieve this is through innovating its time and tracking and attendance system. A contactless attendance system is a vital business tool that can give you an edge over your competition and make your employees happier and more productive.💪

Businesses are increasingly focusing on the security of their employees and customers. As a result, many companies are opting for a contactless attendance system to increase the safety of their workforce and protect against time theft.🕵️‍♂️


Why a powerful contactless attendance system is important for your company


With this system, you can use facial recognition software to identify employees coming and going from your premises. This means there's no need to issue and collect physical badges, which can be easily lost or stolen.👌 Instead, you can rely on AI's capabilities to accurately scan your employee's face and match it with the information stored in your server.⚙🖥 A contactless attendance system will also help you keep track of who is on your premises at any time. This can prevent unauthorised staff from entering the building without permission and ensure that only authorised employees have access to sensitive areas such as cash registers or server rooms.🧐


Additionally, a contactless attendance device allows for a lower risk of infection for employees because it helps them keep their hands free—and therefore, less likely to unknowingly touch door handles or other objects—which makes it more difficult for germs and viruses to spread between people in high-touch environments like offices and hospitals.


If you're looking for an attendance device driven by innovation, look no further! BundyPlus Uface 7 is the new face of contactless attendance solutions. 😉 With Uface 7, you'll get a slew of robust features, including:


  • mask and live body detection
  • IP65-certified waterproof structure
  • secure weatherproofing, with a body that can withstand harsh temperatures as low as -40℃
  • high-resolution imaging that can recognise your employees' faces as fast as 0.3 seconds at 99.99% accuracy
  • seamless integration with BundyPlus software such as BundyPlus Live/Now and BundyPlus Studio


We'll need to change "And through our recent offer, you get three months of Cloud subscription (BundyPlus Live/Now) FREE with every purchase of Uface 7 at a discounted price of $753.50(inc GST). Talk about powerful AND cost-effective!"

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