Uface 8
Industrial time clock

Face recognition | Card reader | Harsh IP65 Environment | All metal case

BundyPlus Uface 7

Uface 8H-Temp
Thermo-sensor AI Workforce Terminal

Body Temperature | Face recognition | Card reader | IP54 Rating | All metal case

BundyPlus Uface 8 Temp

New state-of-the-art face recognition technology featuring body temperature, contactless card, mask & live body detection employee time clock terminal.

Uface 8H-Temp Face Recognition Time Clock Package
Uface 8H-Temp Face Recognition Time Clock Package
BundyPlus | Uface 8H-Temp workforce AI terminal
Uface 8H-Temp Face Recognition Time Clock Package
Uface 8H-Temp Face Recognition Time Clock Package
BundyPlus | Uface 8H-Temp workforce AI terminal

Uface 8H-Temp Face Recognition Time Clock Package

As business owners, you have to keep track of your employee's working hours. However, it is hard to keep track of who worked when and how long they worked.

Easy onboarding package Includes

  • Uface 8 terminal (Face & card recognition ready)
  • 25 Mifair cards (or keyring fobs)

(inc GST)



The BundyPlus Uface 8 is an industrial IP54 rated, contactless face recognition terminal ideal for managing employee timesheets in harsh environments.The Uface 8 allows you to track employee working hours using high tech, state-of-art face recognition technology. With its easy-to-use interface, this device will save you time by eliminating manual data entry errors while providing real-time access to information about who is working when.

  • IP54 environment rating
  • Body temperature reading
  • Face recognition
  • Accuracy up to 99.99%
  • Speed less than 1s
  • 100,000 face image capacity
  • 8-inch IPS color LCD screen
  • Live body detection
  • Mask detection
  • Standard MIFARE Card
  • Ethernet, WiFi

*Mounting method and images may differ from the actual product.


Multiple Recognition Methods

BundyPlus | Uface 8 Temp captures face, card and QR code workforce time and attendance


Workforce Management

BundyPlus is a leading provider of real-time workforce time and attendance capture solutions for businesses. Founded in 2004, BundyPlus offers a complete suite of time capture solutions, including a mobile app, terminals, and cutting edge facial recognition technology, making it possible for business owners to make informed decisions based on their employees working hours. In addition, BundyPlus products are designed with simplicity in mind so customers can spend less time managing their workforce data and more time doing what they do best - running their business. 

BundyPlus Live & BundyPlus Now


BundyPlus™ Live Cloud SaaS gives business owners real-time insight to their workforce time and attendances.

BundyPlus Studio


  • Windows-based on-premise application
  • No ongoing costs, low cost of ownership
  • Workrules for calculating payable hours
  • Integration with 30+ payroll formats

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