Choosing Products for Different Size Businesses

Choosing Products for Different Size Businesses

Finding a time and attendance solution for your business can be tricky, especially when choosing which exact product to buy to suit the size of your business. At BundyPlus we recognise the needs of all sorts of businesses, whether you’re small, large, work out of one place, or are spread across the country.  


Our recommended product that works for any business size is our cloud-based time and attendance system. The combination of the mobile app with the browser portal to administer it can suit businesses of any size.  It not only has live clocking reports but can also GPS stamp map clock-ins and the app is free to download! See more information on the app here and the browser to go with it here. 


If you own or work for a large business, our suggestion is the desktop business pack. Pairing the desktop version with our G6-series time clock streamlines the process and saves time and money. It is compatible with MYOB, Payglobal, Visipay and many more, plus includes a multiuser interface and 12 month remote technical support! See more information about the business version here. 


Own or work for a small business? Our suggestion is the starter packa smaller version of the business pack mentioned above. It combines a simplified version of the desktop software and any G6-Series time clock. To compare the starter and business editions to see what suits you, see here 


We also have plenty of extra accessories like bell kits and magstripe cards. To shop accessories, see here. 

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