Top 5 reasons Aussie SME Business choose BundyPlus

Top 5 reasons Aussie SME Business choose BundyPlus

Many Australian businesses have gone through the wringer over 2020. Here are our top 5 reasons Aussie SME Businesses are choosing BundyPlus making timesheet processing easy and efficient. Best of all, you'll reduce costs and improve your bottom line. 

Australian Made

BundyPlus is not like most of our competitors. Since 2004 BundyPlus has been designing and manufacturing employee terminals for Australasian SME businesses. That's right, Australian Made! Doesn't stop there, we also develop our own software for cloud, desktop and mobile apps.

To this day, we continue to manufacture Australian made products with the release of our G8-Series employee terminal. 

Local support

Many consumers choose a product purely on price. That's fine, but when it comes to running a business, things can go wrong. At these times, you need local support and rapid solutions.

Customer service is our top priority. If your systems down we can assist remotely, repair or recommend a compatible device that's backward compatible. No need to start from fresh. Local support, just a phone call away.   


For many people, connecting complicated systems can be confusing and end up frustrated. Remote terminal servers, VPN links, static IP address and dodgy internet all gets too hard.

BundyPlus makes connectivity easy. We provide offline desktop, cloud, mobile and hybrid solutions to meet the most complex SME network environments and security configurations. 


If anything can be learnt from the 2020 year is that businesses need to be flexible. The Covid pandemic has sent a wrecking ball through the norm with new compliance regulations, enhanced record tracing and managing a remote workforce. For many, transitioning to the new normal has been a challenge.

BundyPlus has been at the forefront with the rapid development of covid safe workplace record tracing, employee health, enhanced geofencing remote workforce and contactless terminal time capture solutions.


If the price is a significant factor, we've got you covered. Not only do we manufacture a range of high-end Australian Made terminals, but we also import mid-range terminals only from trusted global suppliers—no eBay NQR devices. We've done the hard work integrating all devices onto one common BundyPlus platform. 

No capital outlay? No problem, cloud subscriptions plans start from AU$1/employee/month cancel any time.

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