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Hispanic Heritage Month: celebrating diversity in the workplace

Hispanic Heritage Month is a month that honours the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. The month-long observance began in 1968 as National Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded to span the entire month of September in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. Since its humble beginnings, National Hispanic Heritage Month has become an important time for all Americans to celebrate the indispensable contributions that Hispanic and Latino Americans have made. From art and music to politics and science, Hispanics have played a vital role in shaping America into the nation it is today.

But how is all of this actually relevant in the workplace? Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the workplace is crucial because it allows our employees to recognize their roots and enjoy the power of upholding a part of themselves. Here are a few tips on how to make your workplace more welcoming during Hispanic Heritage Month:

1) Learn more about the Hispanic community and their culture. You can even check out more performances here to expand your knowledge and even experience performing yourself!

2) Display culturally relevant artwork or decor.

3) Host a luncheon or dinner and invite employees to bring their favourite Hispanic dish.

4) Celebrate the achievements of Hispanics in your workplace. This can mean recognizing the accomplishments of Hispanics in your community or industry.

5) Make your workplace more inclusive for Hispanics by creating bilingual signage, offering Spanish-language courses to interested employees, or recruiting employees of Hispanic descent.

6) Promote cultural diversity and inclusion through social media or your company newsletter.

7) Support local Hispanic businesses and organizations. You can also opt to partner with them to showcase their specialties.

8) Plan a charity event or volunteer project to benefit the Hispanic community.


BundyPlus| Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

But of course, Hispanic Heritage Month is just one way of celebrating diversity worldwide—and in the workplace. A culture of inclusion is yet more valuable, and it is one that we must nurture in every possible moment. At work, there is so much that leaders can do to encourage an inclusive environment by being role models and promoting meaningful connections among people of different backgrounds and personalities through social events in the company.

In the end, we must all remember that differences are not meant to be taken as a weakness but a strength. It's precisely what makes every experience unique, and in a company that's always looking for ways to innovate, develop, and stay ahead of the game, this is something that should be worth celebrating.

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