• BundyPlus | How technology has improved time management

    How technology has improved time management

    Time management is a constant battle—even when you're not working, you're probably thinking about managing your time better. But with technological advancements, it has become easier than ever to manage your schedule, so you can save time and energy for...

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  • BundyPlus | How to move to paperless timesheets?

    How to move to paperless timesheets?

    A lot of business owners are now finding that simple spreadsheets and printed timesheets are not sufficient when it comes to tracking workdays, especially with the majority of the workforce now changing to remote office environments spread out across the country. Electronic or cloud-based timesheets offer an alternative for not only tracking the clocking in and out of your staff, but they are more efficient, easy to use, remove the potential for human error, and have more options for complex situations and tracking jobs for your business.
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  • BundyPlus | Managing professional cleaning staff

    Managing professional cleaning staff

    The cleaning industry is critical to Australia's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, putting those on the frontline under extreme pressure to protect others as well as themselves. With the overwelling demand, professional cleaning companies are rapidly transforming into 24x7 operations....

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