• BundyPlus | What is good work ethic vs bad behaviour

    What is good work ethic vs bad behaviour?

    In any workplace, there are certain behaviors that are considered to be good work ethic, while others are considered to be bad behavior. Good work ethic refers to the set of values and principles that an individual or organization adheres...

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  • BundyPlus | Face recognition in timekeeping: Boon or bane

    Face recognition in timekeeping: Boon or bane?

    Facial recognition has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. It's gotten so good that we can now use it to track our time and attendance at work. That's right; the same technology initially used to identify us by photos of our faces is now being used to time people's work hours!
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  • BundyPlus | How to move to paperless timesheets?

    How to move to paperless timesheets?

    A lot of business owners are now finding that simple spreadsheets and printed timesheets are not sufficient when it comes to tracking workdays, especially with the majority of the workforce now changing to remote office environments spread out across the country. Electronic or cloud-based timesheets offer an alternative for not only tracking the clocking in and out of your staff, but they are more efficient, easy to use, remove the potential for human error, and have more options for complex situations and tracking jobs for your business.
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  • BundyPlus | ABC News 24 | Bundy clock

    BundyPlus expert interview on ABC

    Such an honour for BundyPlus to be featured on ABC News Breakfast. We're incredibly humbled and proud the Australian Broadcasting Corporation selected BundyPlus. We've worked hard to ensure our product is best in class, and it's for phenomenal to get...

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