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Modifying timesheets, is it legal?

Many Australian businesses owners could be at risk of court action if they unknowingly or knowingly edit employee timesheets! 

Workplace awards, regulations and employee rights are complicated. As the business owner, you must ensure you are paying staff appropriately and within the law.

Good news, the Australian Fair Work Commission is here to help. The Commission is Australia's national workplace relations tribunal. It was established by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Fair Work Act) and is responsible for administering the provisions of the Fair Work Act.

A recent example is the restaurant group Rockpool, where they came under a spotlight accused of tampering of employee timesheet records. The Fair Work Commission will most likely investigate the allegations and possible fines.

How to protect employee rights and your business 

  • Capture accurate employee data. Start by utilising a low-cost time clock terminal or mobile app to record data electronically, removing handwritten timesheets prone to mistakes or fabricated data.
  • Check FWA you're applying the appropriate employee award. 
  • Review and approve captured employee data using a computer-based desktop or cloud time and attendance solution. 
  • Ensure employee data is accessible to a Fair Work inspector should they need. 
  • Company wage records and employee timesheets have to be retained for seven years.
  • Data must be legible, written in English, and above all, they must be accurate.
  • Any changes must be transparent and only made to correct errors.
  • Ensure your capturing comprehensive audit records of who changed what and when.

Bundyplus is here to help protect employees rights and business owners responsibilities. Check out our BundyPlus Live and BundyPlus Studio time and attendance solutions today!

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