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Five Ways Electronic Employee Time Clocks Are Changing the Way We Manage Staff

Five Ways Electronic Employee Time Clocks Are Changing the Way We Manage Staff


Electronic time clocks have come a long in recent years. Used to track employee working hours, the original systems were manual - a heavy paper card was inserted into a time clock.

Did you know that one of the very early time and attendance clocks, invented in 1888, was actually a Bundy clock? Willard Le Grand Bundy parented this time clock back in 1890!

 The Bundy time clocks in use today have sophisticated functions, reporting options and security features that save time, increase efficiency and provide valuable data for managers. At BundyPlus we continue to use the robust and modernised versions of the iconic and reputable Bundy time clocks.

 Here are five ways electronic employee time clocks are changing the way we manage staff: 

  1. Employee Time and Attendance Clocks Are Simple to Use

 Today’s electronic timeclocks are easy to use. It only takes a moment for employees to log in and out, and this process gives managers valuable data. 

  1. Payroll is a Simple Process

A manual payroll system can take several hours. By integrating your electronic time clock system with your payroll, data is quickly downloaded and the payroll process is quick and easy. The automated payroll method in place today when using electronic time clocks ensures a streamlined and efficient process. Accuracy is increased and you save on staff resources. 

  1. There are Suitable Employee Time Clocks for Small Business and Large Business

 Business owners and managers can run multiple reports using electronic time clocks. This now gives both small, medium and large business managers access to valuable employee data quickly and easily. Breaks, overtime, and leave data is all readily available. 

  1. There Are Advanced Security Features

 Time clocks can come with advanced security features. The fingerprint time clock eliminates any instances of buddy punching. Today’s time clocks and software security ensure that your data is protected from hackers. 

  1. Job Costing Software is Available

 Job costing software allows business owners and managers to capture accurate working times of employees as they move between multiple jobs throughout the day.

Managing staff through the use of electronic time clocks has never been so easy. Today’s sophisticated time clock technology is making the work of managers more simple and accurate. There is a wealth of information at our fingertips.