What is geofencing and how can it be used in the workplace?

What is geofencing and how can it be used in the workplace?

Importance of GPS tagging

When managing a mobile workforce, businesses might need to be able to track workers in multiple locations, including some staff who may be working outside the company’s offices or in remote areas.

Geolocation tagging or GPS tagging is highly convenient for those employees who work at remote locations. You may want to know which jobs staff are on or validate that they are actually on site and not down the road at the pub when they clock in or out. Thanks to geofencing technology, this is now all possible and can be easily managed through the BundyPlus Live platform.


What is geofencing

A geofence is a virtual border placed around a physical job site or location. Just like a real physical fence, it can be built to define any geographical area by specifying the surrounding radius size.

You can track multiple employees entering a large area, like a construction site, or narrow it down to a single worker, such as a nurse making home visits to clients.

Geofences work with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) right from your team’s mobile devices. Just like a rideshare app or food delivery tracker, GPS gives us incredibly accurate info on when your team members are on the job (and when they’re not) by tracking precisely when they enter or leave a job site through the geofence you’ve set up.


The solution

Geofencing can be a simple solution to various time tracking problems such as; messy manual timesheets, buddy punching and time theft, not knowing where staff are and not being able to track time/staff spent across different sites.

Paired with our other business-efficient features, BundyPlus Now’s geofence technology is the modern, one-stop solution for your on-the-go team needs. See where your entire team is on a map at any given time.


If you're not ready for a cloud solution, there are other options. For example, a hybrid solution may be a better fit. BundyPlus TimePlus and BundyPlus Studio have been the workhorse for Australian manufactures for over 25 years. With the BundyPlus flexible solution architecture, you can link BundyPlus Live (Cloud) to your BundyPlus Studio or BundyPlus TimePlus via the free ClockComms Utility. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about geofencing and how it can be used in the workplace.

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