BundyPlus V3.18

BundyPlus Studio V3.18 Update

BundyPlus V3.18 is now available for immediate download.

New Features

  • Added audit logging of who created (or modified) items
  • Added audit & history report
  • Added clocking audit log on manual and modified clockings. Details can be viewed on clocking detail popup
  • Added '*Modified clocking' indication to clocking list popup
  • Added 'Display day notes' setting
  • Added 'Notes' to payrun spreadsheet
  • Added options to display employee as "Name(Payroll)(Card)" and "Name(Card)(Payroll)"
  • Added 'Employment basis' field to Employee profile and associated setting checkbox to display or not.
  • Increased max custom date range to 400 days

Bug Fixes

  • Updated QuickBooks (Payroll Premier) export. Allowances now export as amount x value
  • Fixed copying of other user rights
  • Fixed Work Rules UI hiding block rounding details
  • Fixed virtual clockings to now include employee default job costing profile
  • Added reloading of workrule on editing of employee clockings to fix issue where previous employee edit effects next edit

How do I to update?

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