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Back to work - Don't get caught with your pants down!

As restrictions set in response to COVID-19 are reviewed and eased, a return to regular work is imminent for many employees around the country and across the world.
We've all been adjusting to the challenging times we're in, and working from home or being stuck there may have started to blur the line between home and office or work and leisure. Here's a few funny things to remember to avoid confusion before you head back to the office as things return to normal;
  • Pants are sadly no longer optional
  • Traffic is back; you thought you owned the roads during quarantine, well think again
  • Don't forget to do your makeup - no more hiding that sleepy face behind Zoom meetings!
  • Wine is frowned upon when doing office work or operating heavy machinery
  • Slippers are unfortunately not proper office attire
  • Your cat will still ignore you when you are gone for 9 hours each day, so don't worry
  • Your request to have a bed installed in your office will be denied – don't ask!
  • Unlike your children, your co-workers do not require games and snacks to keep them occupied - well this one might be subjective

Even though it may seem like we're giving up some newly found freedoms and comforts from quarantine and working from home, it's important to refamiliarize ourselves with office etiquette as things return to normal. At least we will be grateful for and have a much deeper appreciation for some of the small things we may have taken for granted like shaking someone's hand or giving a friend or co-worker a hug.

BundyPlus wishes for each of you a safe and happy return to healthy working life!

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