G8-Series Magstripe Time Clock

Original Price

The BundyPlus G8-MAG is our latest generation, most advanced employee time clock solution to date. Utilizing low-cost employee swipe cards, this time clock is ideal if you're looking to replace your old Bundy punch clock.


  • Made in Australia so you know it's built to last
  • Durable 4.3" colour touchscreen resistant to workplace grease and grime
  • Fast, easy employee clock IN/OUT solution  
  • Secure Ethernet and WiFi connectivity to your existing network.
  • On-board PoE ready (power over Ethernet) means no need for local AC/DC power supply and reduced installation cost.
  • Saves money by reducing buddy badging (time theft)
  • Industrial grade components
  • Backed by 3 year RTB warranty

Optional Extras