MYOB + BundyPlus Integration

BundyPlus allows employees to keep their payroll, leave and time and attendance details consistently up to date. This information flows directly from the BundyPlus into MYOB so payroll can be run quickly and accurately processed.

MYOB Integration
BundyPlus | MYOB Integration

Key benefits

  • Review & approval timesheets before you pay your employees!
  • Work rules detect missing or out of tolerance clockings preventing incorrect overpayments.
  • Automatic time interpretation (ordinary & overtime), rounding & automatics breaks cutting processing time
  • Latest employee authentication technology for better accuracy and reduced time theft
  • Geofencing allows reporting and alerts of IN/OUT clockings within a defined area


BundyPlus | Discovery


Every business is unique, so we'll take the time to learn about you. For example, your work environment, office locations, training requirements and identify any obstacles you're facing.

BundyPlus | Solution


We'll propose a targeted solution that meets your requirements, budget and resolve those vexing challenges you're currently facing.


Our client success team will work closely with you implementing BundyPlus. In addition, you'll have access to installation guides and training if required.


As a BundyPlus client, your success is our goal, so we'll reach out and review how your solutions are working. We'll recommend any improvements you can make and also take on board any suggestions you might have.

Streamline your payroll

Integrate BundyPlus and your existing payroll with one of the growing lists of app add-ons.

  • No need to retrain your workforce
  • Keep existing terminals
  • Future proof of new technology advancements

—best of all, no extra cost

BundyPlus Intergrations

Book a free demonstration today

One of our amazing BundyPlus support team members will make a time with you to demonstrate our incredible new face recognition time clocks and work on personalised solutions that suit your business.

*This introductory pricing offer is valid until 31 March 2023, new customers only unless otherwise varied by us.The discount applies to the first 3 months of a BundyPlus subscription plan only.