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BundyPlus Integration with MYOB PayGlobal

Streamline Your Time and Attendance Management

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Workforce Tech for Your MYOB PayGlobal

Welcome to BundyPlus, the leading time and attendance management software, now seamlessly integrated with MYOB PayGlobal. Say goodbye to manual payroll processes and inefficient time tracking. Our integration empowers you to streamline your time and attendance management, simplify payroll processes, and gain real-time insights into your workforce.

Benefits of BundyPlus Integration with MYOB PayGlobal

Workforce tech made easy with BundyPlus

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Access accurate attendance data instantly for payroll processing, saving time and ensuring precise wage calculations.
  • Seamlessly integrate employee job costing with MYOB PayGlobal, ensuring accurate project calculation and effortless tracking.

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics on employee attendance, overtime, and breaks for data-driven insights and optimized payroll processes.
  • Easily comply with labor regulations and audit requirements by accessing historical attendance records and generating accurate payroll reports.

Enhanced Employee Experience

  • Empower employees with self-service capabilities, allowing them to view their attendance records, timesheet approvals, and access pay-related information through the BundyPlus employee portal.
  • Simplify clock-in and clock-out processes with BundyPlus's intuitive mobile app, ensuring accurate time tracking for remote or mobile employees.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and engagement by automating attendance tracking, reducing paperwork, and eliminating payroll calculation discrepancies.

How it works

  • Seamless Integration: Connect your BundyPlus and MYOB PayGlobal accounts effortlessly in a few simple steps.
  • Synchronize Data: Employee time and attendance data captured in BundyPlus automatically syncs with MYOB PayGlobal in real-time.
  • Streamlined Payroll: Accurate attendance data seamlessly flows into MYOB PayGlobal, simplifying payroll processing and reducing manual effort.
  • Real-time Insights: Instantly access comprehensive attendance reports and analytics within BundyPlus and MYOB PayGlobal for informed decision-making.
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What Are People Saying

See how our customers experience BundyPlus products


"Bundyplus Cloud system is effective. It has great value to us and we will continue using it. The cost just matches our budget and I will be happy to recommend it. Happy with it and works successfully!"


"We purchased a UFace system for our staff to use to clock in & out for the day - the service received from Bundy Plus has been great - set up convenient times to discuss, they've done check ins to see how its all going and always been quick at resolving any issues we've had. Highly recommend."


"I am happy having BundyPlus in our company. Especially in times that we need someone to assist us or call B+ support, we can get someone right away. It gives us training that helps us understand the product or and system."


"Having Bundyplus makes thing a lot easier, especially with employees that only require mobile app to clock and for Cloud integration to Xero that helps to make our payroll task simple."

Ready to streamline your time and attendance management with BundyPlus and MYOB PayGlobal?