BundyPlus | How BundyPlus Workforce Technology is Powering MYOB Payroll with Innovation and Reliability

How BundyPlus Workforce Technology is Powering MYOB Payroll with Innovation and Reliability

In the rapidly evolving landscape of workplace technology, businesses are constantly seeking efficient solutions to streamline their payroll processes. For over a decade, BundyPlus has been at the forefront of providing reliable time capture solutions to MYOB, empowering business owners to demystify workplace technology. With the recent introduction of the BundyPlus Uface 7 (E73), the longstanding developer partner between BundyPlus and MYOB reaches new heights. In this blog post, we will delve into BundyPlus' history with MYOB and explore how its workforce technology continues to revolutionize payroll management.

A History of Reliable Time Capture Solutions

Since 2007, BundyPlus has been a trusted Developer partner for MYOB, offering robust time capture solutions that integrate seamlessly with MYOB software. Over the years, BundyPlus has consistently delivered innovative features and enhanced functionality to cater to the evolving needs of businesses. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of payroll management, BundyPlus has developed a reputation for providing accurate and efficient time tracking tools.

Compatibility with MYOB Payroll Solutions

BundyPlus stands out by offering compatibility with various MYOB payroll solutions. Whether businesses utilize MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Advanced Payroll, MYOB IMS Payroll, MYOB Advanced WFM, MYOB Greentree, or MYOB PayGlobal, BundyPlus seamlessly integrates with these systems. This compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient transfer of data between BundyPlus and MYOB, enabling businesses to automate their payroll processes and minimize errors.

The Transition from Desktop to Cloud: Maintaining Brand Loyalty

MYOB's transition from desktop software to the cloud has been a significant milestone in the payroll industry. Amidst this transition, payroll professionals often face the dilemma of switching to new systems or sticking with what works for them. BundyPlus understands the value of brand loyalty and recognizes that if a solution is not broken, there's no need to fix it. Consequently, BundyPlus continues to support MYOB's on-prem desktop software, enabling businesses to leverage BundyPlus workforce technology without the need for a complete overhaul of their existing systems.

"I can still remember the day over 15 years ago when MYOB reached out looking for a local employee time clock manufacturer. Although a lot has changed since then, business owners' requirement to capture accurate employee time and attendance data remains the same," said Mr Jordan.

The Benefits of BundyPlus Workforce Technology

BundyPlus workforce technology provides several advantages for payroll professionals using MYOB software. By integrating with BundyPlus, businesses can:

1. Automate Time Capture: BundyPlus offers seamless integration with MYOB, enabling businesses to automate the time capture process. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

2. Streamline Payroll Processes: The combination of BundyPlus and MYOB simplifies payroll management, allowing businesses to calculate employee hours accurately, process payrolls efficiently, and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly.

3. Enhance Compliance: BundyPlus ensures compliance with labor regulations by accurately tracking employee hours, breaks, and overtime. This mitigates the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.

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BundyPlus has been a trusted MYOB Developer partner companion for nearly two decades, consistently delivering reliable time capture solutions to streamline payroll management. The compatibility of BundyPlus with various MYOB payroll solutions empowers businesses to automate processes, enhance accuracy, and save time. As MYOB transitions from desktop to the cloud, BundyPlus ensures brand loyalty by continuing to support on-prem desktop software. The BundyPlus Uface 7 (E73) represents yet another milestone in this successful partnership, further solidifying BundyPlus as a leader in workforce technology. 

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