BundyPlus | Releases a simple Roster!

Breaking News: BundyPlus releases a simple Roster!

We are thrilled to announce that BundyPlus, the leading workforce management solution for businesses, now offers a simple Roster feature to our BundyPlus Live Business subscription plan. With the addition of the Roster feature, businesses can now easily schedule and manage employee workloads against their availability, enabling them to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.

What is a Roster, and Why is it Important?

In simple terms, a roster is a schedule of work shifts for employees. It allows managers to assign employees to different tasks and ensure that the right people are working at the right time. A roster also enables businesses to plan ahead and allocate resources effectively, ensuring that they can meet the demands of their customers while maximizing employee productivity.

With BundyPlus Roster, businesses can now create, edit and manage rosters quickly and easily, all from within the same system they use to manage their time and attendance. The Roster feature integrates seamlessly with our existing BundyPlus Live Business plan, so businesses can benefit from this new feature at no additional cost.

Features and Benefits of BundyPlus Roster

With BundyPlus Roster, businesses can:

    1. Schedule Workloads: The Roster feature makes it easy for managers to create and assign work shifts to employees, ensuring that everyone is working when they are needed. This helps businesses to maximize productivity and avoid any gaps or overlaps in coverage.

    2. Employee Availability: With the Roster feature, businesses can easily track employee availability and assign shifts accordingly. This ensures that employees are working at the times that suit them best, which can help to improve employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover.

    3. Easily Print Reports: The Roster feature allows businesses to easily generate reports on employee work schedules, timesheets and exceptions. This information can be used to analyze staffing needs and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

    4. Mobile App Integration: The BundyPlus Roster feature is fully integrated with our mobile app, which means that employees can accept or reject shifts on the go. This helps to ensure that all shifts are covered and that employees are engaged and informed about their work schedules.

Overall, BundyPlus Roster is a valuable addition to our existing BundyPlus Live Business subscription plan. It provides businesses with a powerful tool to manage their workforce effectively and efficiently, ensuring that they can meet the needs of their customers while maximizing employee productivity and satisfaction.

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