Updating your Face Clock with Daylight Savings

It's important to keep your employee time clocks daylight savings settings up to date. If these dates are not set, then your employee clocking transactions will not be correct. These instructions below need to be done prior to the DST start date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are configuring your clocks past the DST start date you will need to issue a Set Time and Date command after Step 3 is completed.

These steps below MUST be configured by an employee who has full access/control over the ClockComms directory or else any changes made will not be saved.

Step 1 - Checking your clock and PC locations are correct

  • Open ClockComms utility
  • Click on Maintenance Centre
  • Click on Time Clocks
  • Select each Face Clock and confirm that the Time Zones are set correctly.
  • Click Save and Close
  • Click on Time Zones
  • Ensure that your Local Time Zone (This PC): is set to where ClockComms is being run.
  • Click Save

Step 2 - Set the Correct Daylight Savings Definitions

a) Automatic

  • Go to Maintenance Centre
  • Go to Time Zones
  • Click the Update Time Zone Settings button provided you are on ClockComms V7.3.0 or later

This will update all the time zone settings with their correct start and end dates.

If this fails, then you need to either Manually set the daylight saving dates as below or download and install the latest ClockComms Software here in the same installation directory. You may need an IT representative to assist you with this.

b) Manual
To Manually edit the Daylight Savings start & end times, do the following:

  • From the Time Zone Settings Screen, select a time zone
  • On the Right-hand side, change the dates accordingly.
    Note: Please ensure that the times you are adding are correct. By viewing this link here.
  • Click on Save

Step 3 - Setting your Face Clocks with the correct Daylight Savings Time

Now we have the correct Daylight Savings Definitions, let's update the Face clocks

a) Automatic - For those who are running ClockComms in 'Repeat Mode'

  • Press Ctrl + M whilst your ClockComms is in repeat mode
  • Click on Repeat Mode
  • On the Daily Events Column (Third Column), Click on the first checkbox and change the time to 03:30
  • Ensure that Set Time and Date commands are selected.

This sets the time to be updated to DST at 3:30 am provided your PC/Server time has automatically been updated with DST. 

b) Manually Configuring the time clocks DST settings

  • Press M/OK on the Face Clock
  • Go to System
  • Press M/OK
  • Press M/OK to enter Date Time
  • Go down until you see Daylight Saving Mode and ensure it is set to By date/time
  • Go down once more
  • Press M/OK to enter Daylight Savings setup
  • Press M/OK on the Start date and change the date to 06/10
  • Press M/OK to save
  • Go down and press M/OK to enter a Start time. This should be set to 02:00.
  • Press M/OK to save
  • Go down and press M/OK to enter End Date. This should be set to 05/04.
  • Press M/OK to save
  • Go down and press M/OK to enter an End time. This should be set to 03:00.
  • Press M/OK to save

Now you can press ESC all the way to the main screen as the Face Clock has now been set to change to daylight savings automatically.

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