BundyPlus | Contactless timesheets to combat COVID-19

Contactless timesheets to combat COVID-19

As social distancing, self-isolation, and working from home becomes widespread; businesses are introducing contactless solutions to combat the challenge COVID-19 and capturing employee timesheet hours.

Understanding business owners and staff requirements for hypervigilant environmental cleaning and disinfection principles are critical. BundyPlus offers a range of contactless solutions to capture and manage employees clock IN, OUT and BREAK times. Specialising in technologies including contactless bundy clock terminals (TAP RFID cards & keyring FOBs), face recognition and employee mobile apps means we've got you covered where ever you're working.

As a leading Australian manufacturer of industrial time clocks, most items are ex-stock for immediate dispatch. Note: Due to the incredibly high demand, some stocks are getting low! Rest assured we're doing our very best to ship orders ASAP and thank you for your patience.
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