The Easiest Ways to Keep Track of Employee Overtime

For employers, it’s important to have a system in place for keeping track of your employee’s overtime. There are a number of ways in which this can be done. From pen and paper, to swipe cards and proximity time clocks, all the way through to state of the art biometric time clock systems.

Many businesses still choose to use the old-fashioned pen and paper method which is fine if you’re happy with having inaccurate data and spending a lot more time consolidating pays than you should have to. When using a method that requires your employees to log their own time sheets, you may not always have the correct information. They could either add extra hours on themselves or forget all together. A good employer wants to make sure their staff are getting paid correctly so a much better option would be to use an electronic time clock.

BundyPlus have a range of different products that, coupled with our software, make keeping track of your employees overtime a breeze.

When choosing the best time clock for your business, there are a few things to consider. What type of business are you running? Do you have a high or low number of staff? Will their work allow them to use fingerprint technology or would a proximity time clock be better? Do they have existing swipe cards? All these factors should help you choose the best time clock for your specific needs.

BundyPlus has developed technology that can really change the way your business operates by making life simpler and saving you time and money. Our Time & Attendance Suite software can be combined with any G6-Series time clock and can take care of managing overtime and many more tasks. Check it out here and contact us for more information about any of our products.

How to Manage Employee’s Rest Breaks and Meal Breaks

Rest breaks allow an employee to rest for a short period of time during work hours and are sometimes referred to as ‘crib breaks’, ‘rest pauses’ or ‘tea breaks’. These breaks can be difficult to monitor because in many cases these rest breaks are unscheduled and many employers leave it up their employees to mark off the time on their own time sheets. It’s great to trust your employees but this method isn’t very reliable. What if your employees forget? That’s how businesses lose money.

A much better way to monitor this is to invest in an electronic employee timeclock from BundyPlus. Installing one of our timeclock systems is a fantastic way to keep track of not only your employees start and finish times, but also their rest or meal breaks.

A meal break is referred to as ‘a longer period of uninterrupted rest that allows the employee to eat a meal’ and meal breaks are almost always scheduled. That’s great, but what happens if your employees come back from their meal break late? What if you are not there to see it and dock their pay accordingly?

This is why we call BundyPlus electronic employee timeclocks an ‘investment’. The accuracy, advanced technology and ease of use of our products make them a fantastic option for keeping track of your employees not only when they clock in and out but also when they take breaks.

Of course, which system you decide to go with will depend on a number of factors including the number of employees that need to be monitored, the type of industry you’re in, your budget and preference.

If you would like to find out more about any of our time attendance clocks or software, contact our friendly team today!

How to Determine if Overtime Should be Awarded

According to Fair Work, overtime is defined as an employee working extra time which can include working beyond their ordinary hours of work, outside the agreed number of hours or outside the spread of ordinary hours. The spread of hours is the times of the day ordinary hours can be worked (eg. between 7am – 7pm).

An employer can request that an employee works reasonable overtime and overtime can be reasonable so long as a number of things are taken into account. Considering the risk to health and safety from working the extra hours, the employee’s personal situation, including their family responsibilities, the needs of the workplace, if the employee is entitled to receive overtime payments or penalty rates for working the extra hours and a number of other factors. An employee can refuse to work overtime, if the request is unreasonable.

BundyPlus offers a number of timeclocks and software packages that can help you keep track of employee overtime hours and generate data back to your payroll system. This means your pay records will always be accurate and prevents you from accidentally over or underpaying your employees for their overtime and general hours.

Our software packages can be combined with our electric time clocks to accurately track and store data. Our Time & Attendance Suite software package is compatible with any of our G6-Series time clocks and is a great product for tracking things like overtime. It works by collating employee clockings from your time clock(s) and saves them into a central database. Once in the database payroll administrators can easily assign ordinary time, over time whilst production managers can review employee attendance information in real time.

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Choosing the Perfect Time Clock for Your Business

Are you still using manual/paper time sheets for your employees to clock in and out with? It’s time to switch to something much more efficient that will help your business run smoother, more effectively and maintain the integrity of your payroll system.

BundyPlus have a range of timeclocks to suit any business. Choosing the right one for your business depends on how many employees you have, how small or large your business is, your budget and just your general preference. It also depends on what your reason is for wanting to switch to an electric timeclock system. Some of our customers choose our timeclocks to save time or money, run more efficiently, make life easier for their employees as well as larger issues such as time-fraud.

BundyPlus has a range of employee time clocks such as Biometric, Proximity, and Magstripe systems. Each one offers different features for all different types of businesses.

If the issue is time-fraud, a Biometric system may be the best option for your business. Biometric time clocks require your employees enter their ID number then place their pre-registered finger on to the biometric time clocks sensor. The employee’s fingerprint is instantly compared with the pre-registered fingerprint scan and if the scan matches, the employee clocking is saved. This system is one of the most high-tech and is almost impossible to bypass.

Many businesses come to us with pre-existing security cards and for these businesses we would recommend going with a Proximity timeclock as they can be used in conjunction with your security cards. It just makes life easier!

For something simple, you may choose to go with our Magstripe timeclocks facilitate a ‘swipe and go’ system which is very easy to use. The choice is yours!

For more information about our electronic employee timeclocks, feel free to contact us today!

The Most Efficient Time Clocks for Keeping Track of Your Employees

BundyPlus has a range of employee time clocks such as Biometric, Proximity, and Magstripe systems. Each one offers different features for all different types of businesses.

Biometric time clocks are a high-tech way to record critical time and attendance information. BundyPlus Bio metric time clocks support both Identification and Verification modes.

The employee either places their  finger on the sensor pad and the employee can be found by just their finger print. Or the employee enters their ID number then place their pre-registered finger on to the biometric time clocks sensor. The employee’s fingerprint is then compared with the fingerprint time clocks pre-registered scan. If the scan matches, the employee clocking is saved, if the scan doesn’t match then the employee is prompted to try again.

Proximity time clocks require your employees to scan a card on the system and are great if your business already has existing security cards as we may be able to integrate them into our systems. They are also idea for dirty work environments where you would not want your employees to touch a fingerprint system for example, with dirty hands.

Magstripe employee time clocks are a simple and easy to use ‘scan and go’ system. They facilitate a magnetic stripe card with a non-electronic system which means set up is simple and user friendly but still highly effective in keeping track of your employees.

BundyPlus time clocks make keeping track of your employees simple and they lessen the workload and amount of time other employees such as your payroll department need to spend tracking your employees work hours. Our time clocks also make it much more difficult for your employees to claim pay fraudulently by falsely clocking in and out of hours which they have not actually worked. Employees costs businesses millions of dollars every year by doing this and our time clocks are your best defence against employee payment fraud.

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Employee Time Clock Systems: How Can They Benefit Your Business?

In 1888, a jeweller named Willard Bundy invented ‘The Time Clock’. The first time clock system worked on a very simple principal where his employees would insert a paper card into a punch slot and the clock would then stamp the card with the time and date of the punch. The time clock has remained largely unchanged since that time until recent years when electronic time clocks started to gain momentum.

BundyPlus aims to assist business owners by making the clocking in and out system much less laborious and more simple and easy to use. One of the challenges a business owner can face is managing their employees and this becomes even more challenging when you have a number of employees and each of them require some degree of monitoring.

Time clocks can benefit your business by preventing your employees from being able to fraudulently claim hours they have worked. Time clocks are difficult to bypass and they are the most accurate way to record employee attendance. This can save your business thousands of dollars in unworked hours that may have been fraudulently claimed by dishonest employees.

Electronic time clocks also save your business money because they require no paper. No longer will office staff have to sort through physical time sheets or time cards, with our time clocks, everything is stored electronically. This process eliminates the amount of work your payroll officer will need to do as they will no longer need to spend time tallying the number of hours each employee has worked, deducting payroll taxes and coming up with the net amount for each employee’s pay. BundyPlus time clocks can take care of the whole process with our MYOB integrated systems.

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Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Systems is the Latest Technology for Monitoring Your Employees

Biometric Fingerprint time clocks are the best and most accurate way to track your employees working hours. BundyPlus uses the world’s leading finger scan algorithm.

BundyPlus supports two scanning methods, Identification & Verification modes.

Verifications is super-fast, taking only one second to authenticate your employees fingerprint.

Your employee will simply enter their ID number into the machine, then place their finger on to the biometric time clocks sensor. The employee’s fingerprint is then compared with their pre-registered fingerprint template and if the scan matches, the employee clocking is saved. If the scan doesn’t match then the employee is prompted to try again. Our machines are fitted with large touch sensor which enhances ease of use and minimises false rejects.

Identification is also fast, finding the employee based only on their fingerprint.

Your employee simply places their finger on the sensor and the clock will find them based on the pre-registered fingerprint template.

Using this technology means it is practically impossible for your employees to clock in and out incorrectly or claim pay for hours they have not actually worked. Biometric Fingerprint time clocks also prevent what’s known as ‘buddy badging’ where employees have their colleagues clock in and out for them, meaning they could potentially be overpaid. Our fingerprint technology is incredibly accurate so it is impossible for your employees to clock in and out for their co-workers.

Using Biometric time clocks means you don’t have to give your employees cards that they must keep on them. With cards come the potential of losing them. You as the employer must then replace them which can end up costing you more in the long run.

Save time, money and valuable company resources by investing in a Biometric Fingerprint time clock from BundyPlus. Our time clock machines will help your business run more smoothly, efficiently and as we hear from many of our happy customers, you will notice a big change in flow of your business and your employee payroll.

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The Best Time Clock Systems for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you understand the value of saving time. A BundyPlus electronic time clock, coupled with our time attendance software, can save your business time and money by keeping track of your employees and recording their shift data.

‘Time theft’ is a real issue for many businesses but for small businesses, any loss of money can hit even harder. Thanks to BundyPlus’s biometric time clocks you can not only prevent ‘time theft’ impacting your small business, you can also save money by allowing our software to take care of much of your payroll work. When your employees clock in and out with our time clock systems, by a magnetic swipe card, finger print or security code, the information is saved and stored then exported into many different payroll systems. This makes the payroll process much simpler and easier for a small business owner. You may find that you don’t even need to hire an extra person to take care of payroll as our user-friendly system means someone else in the business can take do it, or even you!

We have a range of time clocks to suit your small business. Whether you are after our top of the line biometric fingerprint time clock system or something more simple like our Magstripe ‘swiping’ time clocks, all our systems are easy to use and will help your business and flow of employees run more smoothly. Our proximity time clocks are also a great option for small businesses, particularly those who may have already had a time clock system installed and are wanting to upgrade as our machines allow you to use pre-existing security cards.

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BundyPlus Cloud Hybrid is here.

BundyPlus Hybrid

We are very pleased to announce “BundyPlus Hybrid” is now live and we’re getting great feedback.

With BundyPlus Hybrid, you can now do the following;

  • Employees can clock IN/OUT on any WEB enabled mobile phone or tablet
  • Supervisors can group clock IN/OUT multiple employees
  • GPS tag clocking location
  • Capture Job Costing information
  • Scan Costing barcodes directly from camera enabled devices
  • Capture authorised by name & signature
  • View “Who’s in Today?”, “Clocking Report” including map details
  • Interface cloud clocking transactions into your existing BundyPlus v3 application

If you would like to setup a trial click on the link below and fill in your details.

Keeping time with the lift of a finger

Biometric time clocks are the latest innovation in time management for business. With this new technology , when hourly employees arrive at work, instead of punching a time clock they either place their finger on the sensor (Identify mode) or enter their ID number then place their pre-registered finger on to the biometric time clocks sensor (Verify mode). The employee’s fingerprint is then compared with the fingerprint time clocks pre-registered scan. If the scan matches – the employee clocking is saved, if the scan doesn’t match then the employee is prompted to try again.

Business owners are finding that streamlines the time-management process in their business and can now ensure that they was only pay employees for the hours they work.

In some businesses, there can be a system knows as “buddy punching.” Buddy punching—the practice of punching another employee in or out when they aren’t there—is one of many forms of time theft.

A 2009 study conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. showed that 21 percent of hourly employees admit to stealing company time. While only 5 percent participated in buddy punching, 69 percent said they punch in and out earlier or later than scheduled, 22 percent put additional time on their time sheet, and 14 percent didn’t punch out for unpaid lunches or breaks.

This has a huge impact on the bottom line of a business, and some employers believe that this seemingly harmless action is actually a form of fraud.

Many employers are now implementing biometric time clocks to make it harder for hourly workers to steal company time. Whether the device uses facial recognition, fingerprint tracking or vein-pattern scanning, these clocks can eliminate time theft by verifying the identity of those clocking in, and creating a digital audit trail so time sheets can’t be altered.

Biometric technology won’t tell you if someone punched in then ran back to their car, but it will validate that employees are on the premises when they say they are.

These time clocks also make time and attendance data—and payment history—much more defensible. Digital time tracking means employers can prove that they paid employees for the hours they worked and demonstrate to safety auditors that they had the right number and combination of employees on-site at any given time.

Such validation has become increasingly important in recent years as lawsuits involving fair-wage practices have picked up and the best way for employers to fight these lawsuits—assuming they are unfounded—is with data.

Along with tracking all original punches, most biometric software programs will indicate if a punch has been changed along with the original punch time, and may require a manager’s note explaining why the change was made, which prevents tampering.

It is a human resources information system.

Once businesses relied on hand-written time cards or punch cards that the company’s  payroll staff members would have to decipher and then manually entering the time data into system so employees could be paid on time.

While employees may have concerns about how biometrics work, talking about the system, and showing them how biometric technology words can go a long way toward easing their fears and getting buy-in for the technology. If you address their concerns about the technology upfront, it makes everything transparent and easy to manage, and it’s one less thing to worry about for business owners. The time clocks only store a mathematical representation of the finger print – no finger print can be created by what is stored.