Multi-User Clock Software

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Product Features

BundyPlus™ Time and Attendance product suite has successfully filled the problem gap of recording employee time information for small business to large government departments.

  • Small Business (1 – 10 Employees):

    Start with a single G6-series time clock and BundyPlus Starter Edition T&A Software. Ability to upgrade to Business Edition down the track if you need job costing. You'll finaly be able to ditch that old grumpy paper time card  machine out the door in no time! 

  • Medium Company (10 – 100+ Employees):

    Locate multible Bundy Clocks where required, a biometric time clock in reception, proximity time clock in production and a employee time clock in staff lunch room. BundyPlus T&A Suite will seamlessly concatenate all attendance clocks information and job costing information off your network to build up a true company T&A profile

  • Large Government Department (1000+ Employees):

    Deploy attendance clocks in regions where employee clocking is required. Channel employee time clock information (via VPN) into your data center for processing. Export from SQL to payroll.


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