Support Subscription Renewal (12months)  
Support Subscription Renewal (12months)

This BundyPlus subscription renewal applies to existing subscribers only wishing to extend their  subscription for an additional 12 months. *See Note 3.

Package Includes:
  • VIP Access to help desk via phone and email (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm EST).
  • Life Time Hardware Warranty on time clock. *See Note 1, Note 2.
  • Teamviewer remote support.
  • Software Updates and patches.
  • Email Notifications of new features, patches and special events.
  1. Applies to single serial number nominated time clock only.
  2. Excludes willful damage, damage caused by operating/storage outside of manufactures specification, and acts of god - flood, power surges etc. The time clock nominated must be in current production.
  3. BundyPlus V2 users may qualify as an "Existing Subscriber". Please contact sales for more information.
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List Price: $275.00
Price (inc GST): $99.00


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