Custom Printed Magnetic Swipe Cards

Move your business away from paper time sheets!
Your employees can now use magnetic swipe cards stored in a card rack near your time clock.

Put your Company Logo on your swipe cards with custom printing now available.

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Magstripe card 

Paper time sheets are clumsy and inefficient; magnetic swipe cards are far easier and quicker to use and ensure that time fraud will not be a problem. We offer many different types of cards so that you can choose the ones that suit your business model best. Most cards are about the same size as a credit card, but some are thicker – great for use in an outside or hostile environment where cardboard ones would wear out quickly.

We also offer a choice of card or fob type which can be really handy if your employees wear lanyard IDs, or if they don’t have pockets – or are likely to have their hands full when they need to use the swipe card. These will fit on a lanyard or a keychain for convenience. We also have card racks that can be set up on a counter or desk top where the cards can be stored before and after swiping so that employees do not have to carry them at all.

Once you make the decision to move into the 21st century you will also need scanners and software to catch all the details of your employees’ comings and goings. This can save your company a great deal of time as the information can be exported to other applications. You won’t have to work out all the different times, times off, holidays, sick days or anything else. These jobs can be done automatically with the right software. Call us today or simply buy online.

Key Features

Employee proximity cards come in a variety of forms best suited the work environment its being used.


Same size as a standard credit card except twice as thick. Reasonably durable card, easily fits into wallet. Medium read range (approx 20mm).


Small self-adhesive tag style proximity card. Durable, attaches to the back of your phone which is always by your side!


Small token/fob style proximity card. Extremely durable, easily fitted to a key ring or neck lanyard. Short read range (approx 10mm).


Same size as a standard credit card. Reasonably durable swipe card, easily fits into wallet. Medium read range (approx 15mm).

Did you know?

Employee cards can be stored in a card rack and cards can be supplied with custom printing! See details...

Time clocks can capture job costing information! See details...

Employee magnetic swipe card
(Compatible with MT-Series & G6-Series Time Clocks)

Price (inc GST): $6.60
2 x 20 wall mount card rack (holds 40 std cards)
Price (inc GST): $132.00