Fingerprint Time Clocks For Small & Medium Business

Making it easier and yet more secure and reliable for your employees to clock in and out is vital in the modern business place. With the BundyPlus fingerprint time clock you get incredible simplicity with remarkable fidelity.Our fingerprint time clocks are best suited for small and mid-sized businesses.

BundyPlus employee time clocks are the most practical and simple method of recording the time and attendance information that is so vital to your business. With a BundyPlus fingerprint time clock your employees just need to clock on and off using their finger and the BundyPlus Time and Attendance software will take care of the rest.

The fingerprint technology means that your employees do not need to remember anything so there are no excuses about lost cards or forgotten PINs. All they need is their finger, making it the single most simple means of clocking in and out available.

However, the other added bonus of the fingerprint time clock is that it offers incredible security. Unlike other methods of verification, this is one that cannot be easily fooled. Just as it is virtually impossible for an employee not to have the necessary method of identification with them it is also virtually impossible for anyone but the individual in question to clock in as them.

With BundyPlus you know that you are getting the very best hardware and software. With 20 years of experience, BundyPlus can guarantee the very best in time clock equipment. With the fingerprint time clock BundyPlus deliver their most simple yet secure system yet.