Biometric Time Clock In Australia

BundyPlus™ G6-Series Time Clocks are a high tech way to record critical time and attendance information.

Employee's enter their ID number then place their pre-registered finger on to the biometric time clocks sensor. The employee's fingerprint is then compared with the fingerprint time clocks pre-registered scan. If the scan matches – the employee clocking is saved, if the scan doesn’t match then the employee is prompted to try again.

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Biometric Time Clock Biometric Sensor

Key Features

  • World’s leading finger scan algorithm (#1 at FVC 2002 & 2004)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Immune to fraudulent attacks
  • Large touch sensor enhances ease of use and minimizes false rejects
  • PIN Only operation
  • Fast Verification (~1 second)

Did you know?

Biometric time clocks can also capture job costing information!
See job costing software details...

G6-Series Biometric Time Clock (Grey)
G6-Series Biometric Time Clock (Grey)

BundyPlus G6-BIO is a Biometric finger print Time Clock. Our Biometric Time Clocks are available in two colours (Beige or Dark Grey) to best match your office aesthetics.

G6-Series Datasheet (PDF)

1 x G6-BIO Time Clock
1 x 12Vdc plug pack
1 x Ethernet Interface (MT-ETHERNET)
1 x 1.5mt Cat5E patch cable
1 x 12 month warranty for the biometric time clock from date of invoice

Note: Does not include BundyPlus T&A Software. See Time Clock Packages.

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Price (inc GST): $1,677.50


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